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We assess your personalized risk, give you a custom plan, and help you track your progress.

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Once you know what is normal for you, then you know when something is not normal. We will help you be an expert on your body so you can be proactive and decrease your risks today through “How To” Videos.


Learn from a community of like-minded women who have similar risks, concerns, and experiences as you. 

Meet Kaitlin!

Female Fighter, Feminist, Founder of Gabbi

After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 24 and one year after her Mother died from the same disease, she made it her mission to empower and educate women, to know their cancer risks and to ensure that other women do not have the same experience.

Who is Gabbi

Gabbi was inspired by Kaitlin’s Mother, Lise Gabrielle. Lise was a fighter, a dynamic speaker who often said “inappropriate things,” but who spent her life empowering women.
Like Lise, women are often negatively stereotyped as being “gossips” or “chatty” or “gabby,” but one of our strongest traits as women is that we share information–we Gab! So Gabbi is you and it is me. It is a tribe of women learning from each other and sharing information. 

I'm almost planning on [cancer] affecting me at some point in my life. I've heard statistics that something between 20 or 30% of all North Americans wind up with cancer. If we live long enough our chances are even likelier, but I don't know what to do about it...and I want to do something!

-43 Mom, Uncle, Grandfather, and Close Friend Cancer Diagnosis

I think about cancer a lot and what I can do to prevent it, but I am overwhelmed by which resources I can trust or where I should look for accurate info.

-21, Uncle and Grandfather Cancer Diagnosis

It's hard to know what is good information and what isn't. Too many inconsistencies.

-32 Close friend and Grandmother Cancer Diagnosis

My mother is also a physician, so I'm not worried about inaccurate information. But...because she's my mother, I don't always feel comfortable asking her deeply personal questions about my body.

27, Grandmother Cancer Diagnosis

I am a nurse so I know how to access information well; the part that’s lacking is ease. I am a trained professional and I struggle to find quality and reliable information.

29, Grandfather and Close Friend Cancer Diagnosis

Healthcare for women is not tailored to my personal circumstances and history.

47, Mom and Grandmother Cancer diagnosis

It is hard to be sure of accuracy and can't ask questions to a reliable source.

-28, Grandfather and Aunt Cancer Diagnosis

The Numbers

60% of cancers are preventable

90% of women don’t know their risks

9/10 Women feel ashamed of normal female experiences (menstruation, menopause, vaginal dryness)


9/10 women don’t know how to perform a self breast exam

8/10 women had to “guess and figure it out” over time when using a tampon for the first time


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